Secret Escapes – Snorkeling the Sea of Cortez

There’s a long list of reasons to pack your bags and hop the next plane to Cabo Pulmo—a sleepy solar-powered village in the Tropic of Cancer on the coast of Baja’s super relaxed Sea of Cortez. 
- For Panama Jack's Travel + Leisure 

Sierra Gear Guide - Wind Issue

The wind that rushes over our rivers, deserts, mountains, and seas is a free, inexhaustible source of fun. Here's a reviewed of 6 toys that help you tap into nature's endless power supply.
- For Sierra Magazine

6 Tips for Better POV

How do you avoid turning your GoPro/Contour/Drift camera into a slow motion torture device your friends and relatives secretly hate? Here's my piece on "Six Tips for Better POV."
- For PacSafe Travel